How to use Card Monsters’ Card Search Site

公開日: : 最終更新日:2015/07/28 アクション, ブラウザゲーム



Hello, I am one of the Japanese users who are playing Card Monsters.
A certain Japanese user made the card search site.

Card Monsters Fan | Card Search System

This site can be as follows.

  • Card search
  • Vote function
  • Deck creation
  • Comment and Discussion

and so on…

I introduce how to use this site.
There is little vote now. The Japanese user expects your vote.


Card search

This is Card Search Menu.
(*This picture is expandable by clicking)

card monsters3

The item is as follows.

  • Type
  • Name Search
  • Rarity
  • Color
  • Cost
  • HP
  • Melee
  • Range
  • Magic
  • Armor
  • Ability
  • Version
  • Unlock Card
  • Unique Card

For example: [Level 5 + Epic + sorts by evaluation]
In Japan, the popularity of Channeler, Mush, and Glumbie is low.

card monsters4

Vote function

The strength of a card can be voted once per one person.

card monsters5

It will be reflected, if you choose the score of a card and push a voting button.
In vote of it, a background becomes pink.
And the average score can be seen.

The standard of a score is as follows.

  • 1(low): lol
  • 2: Useless
  • 3: Stopgap of the deck
  • 4: It can use depending on the case…
  • 5: I am secure when there is one.
  • 6: I am secure when there is one. +
  • 7: It can use as a prime card till the final stage.
  • 8: It can use as a prime card till the final stage. +
  • 9: The last deck candidate.
  • 10(high): The last deck candidate. +

These days, vote about adjustment of a card is performed by the bulletin board of Edgebee and Kongregate. However, since there is little vote, adjustment stops.

If much vote of this site gathers, I also think that it can use for adjustment of a card. Please use. :p

Deck creation

We can create and exhibit the deck.
[Deck List] is chosen from a header menu when making the deck.

card monsters6

How to use simply is explained.

card monsters7

You add a monster, equipment, and Use Item.
A comment will be written if an addition finishes.

* It can rewrite, if the password is set up.
* If swarm is set up, the deck can be seen from the page for swarm.

For example, this is the deck which I made.
my AAs deck


This deck was made in order to fight with gronk.

Please use effectively!

Comment and Discussion

It can comment on a card.
Let’s keep the following notes in mind, when it comments.

1: polite

I’m sorry. Japanese people are poor at English.
I am glad when easy English is used.

If you come to use easy English, we will also use easy Japanese.
An easy text is kind to translation software. hehe :p

2: Japanese or English only

If the other language is used, garbled characters may take place.
A reason is easy. It is because the character code does not correspond.


I wrote the English report for the first time.
I am sorry for poor English!

Let’s enjoy a game from now on!
see you!

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